The Belgian Shirt - The Brand

Launched in 2016, The Belgian Shirt is the sister brand of Bshirt,
Where Bshirt displays its offbeat side, The Belgian Shirt is the incarnation of completely sober style.

Basics, everyday essentials, with perfect cuts and quality, classic colours, as well as other shades, details that change everything and make the difference.
Its polo shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts provide the essential pillars of a man's wardrobe, for a carefully thought-out look.
Sober and well cut, here are the basics that are not so easy to find.

And in The Belgian Shirt collection, whilst still present, the Belgian touch is more discreet and more accessible to all.
The Belgian Shirt is a balance between style and simplicity, comfort and originality, with the tiniest Belgian wink!

And because we are conscious of the world around us, all our clothing is handmade in Europe, with respect for people and the environment. We have always paid particular attention to the quality of our products, down to the tiniest details, to bring you a unique experience!

Timeless clothing, effective and environmentally responsible basics that give back style to what we wear.

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